Thursday, February 9, 2012


A few weeks back, Portland was soaked in a sloppy snowstorm. It dumped all night, and
melted by noon. My son woke up to beautiful snow, and his brain immediately filled with big
ideas for some classic snow day fun. In record time he was in snow gear, out the door, and
 building a snowman. Sadly, the white stuff fell before we were able to get the backyard
clean, and dog poop free...

He was so committed to completing his project. He'd roll a little bit, then wipe away
the poo.... then roll a little more, then wipe away the poo. A long, disgusting process
that he was determined to see through to fruition.

By the way, my son expressed extreme disapproval that I titled his work
"Poopy the Snow Penguin" so lets keep this on the down-low....

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