Thursday, January 12, 2012


Another sketch from the Most Embarrassing Moment series -- Wacky Gender Mix-up! You can see why the guy was confused ... with the plaid Toughskins and bowl cut. My mom called it a Dorothy Hamil, but it looked more like an Adam Rich.

It was an all-school assembly featuring a special guest, magic guy. He asked for a volunteer from the audience and regrettably, I raised my hand. Because it was an all-school assembly, everyone I knew (including my 3 older siblings-- and everyone they knew) were in the audience, and ready to pounce. As soon as he mistook me for a boy, the audience erupted into shouts of, "She's a girl!, she's a girl!" Sadly, all the screaming and yelling fell on deaf ears and when the routine was finished I was sent back to the audience with a "Thanks Lee!"

 I've attached the seemingly innocent photo of myself in the magic show, along with an illustration which more accurately depicts the event.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Some of my Most Embarrassing Moment sketches -- Actually these are more like my 5th, 9th, and 23rd most embarrassing moments. I'm not brave enough to illustrate, and publish, the shockingly horrific moments at the top of my list.

Bike Crash at the Ice Cream Store -- First I was embarrassed, then I was mad. I could not believe grown-ups were laughing at me. Siblings, fine ... I get that. But the grown-ups behavior felt downright unprofessional. This moment ended on a happy note thanks to my quick, athletic reflexes. I was able to save my ice cream cone along with a small amount of pride.