Thursday, January 12, 2012


Another sketch from the Most Embarrassing Moment series -- Wacky Gender Mix-up! You can see why the guy was confused ... with the plaid Toughskins and bowl cut. My mom called it a Dorothy Hamil, but it looked more like an Adam Rich.

It was an all-school assembly featuring a special guest, magic guy. He asked for a volunteer from the audience and regrettably, I raised my hand. Because it was an all-school assembly, everyone I knew (including my 3 older siblings-- and everyone they knew) were in the audience, and ready to pounce. As soon as he mistook me for a boy, the audience erupted into shouts of, "She's a girl!, she's a girl!" Sadly, all the screaming and yelling fell on deaf ears and when the routine was finished I was sent back to the audience with a "Thanks Lee!"

 I've attached the seemingly innocent photo of myself in the magic show, along with an illustration which more accurately depicts the event.


  1. Ay, poor Lisa. I can relate. My mom had my hair done in a pixie cut. The substitute teacher in second grade asked, "And what's your name, little boy?" Wah. :(

    1. Thanks Lulu, we should start a support group...